How to Plan a Cookie Swap

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So, it’s finally cookie time! Err, I mean…. the season of giving thanks. And cookies. And this holiday season (yayyyy holidays) at S&G HQ, we’re actually giving cookies! If you can’t tell, I’m really freaking excited about the holidays! Anyways, today I wanted to share how to plan a cookie swap to make it a super funtime for all your friends/family.

You could just text all your friends to invite them (whomp whomp) OR you could make this a super legit party and send out real live invites (or at least Evites). Make sure to explain to each guest to bring enough of one kind of cookie for everyone to take some. (For example, if you have 12 guests maybe ask everyone to make 48 so everyone can take 4). You can either opt to assign certain types of cookies or ask everyone to make their personal favorite. Just make sure to give some suggestions so you don't end up with 5 million chocolate chip cookies.

Set Up:
Start by setting up one table with trays and plates so that once guests arrive they will have a place to put their cookies. Set up another table with food and drinks, maybe hot chocolate and pizza? Buy enough cookie tins so that everyone who is coming will have a tin to put their swapped cookies in. Finally bring out the holiday music and you’re good to go!

The Par-tayyyy:
Woohoo!!! Party Time! Just have fun, chill out with your friends, sing some holiday karaoke, and swap cookies. This is literally the most fun part. Make sure everyone goes through and comes out with some of each type of cookie. Then try them all!!!!!! You’ll be eating holiday cookies for days but, at least in my opinion, thats not as issue!

This is a super fun way to hang out with your friends without having a super formal dinner. You’ll cut your cooking time and get to hang out with all your friends! Share pics of your cookie swap with us for a chance to get featured on our social media!!



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