Milan travel guide!

Hey guys!
I’m so excited for today’s post because, it’s on my favorite place in the entire world. 
Milan is a city I have been visiting since I was a baby. I have been around 10 times in my life and love it more and more every time I go! This past summer, I went for 4 days, but I since I have been many times, I will be recommending many places that I have been to in the past too!

Pizzeria Ticinese is a really good pizza place around the Porta Ticinese. My favorite pizzas they serve are the margarita, the mushroom, and the “quattro formaggi”. The prices are average, and this is a really good lunch or dinner option!
Dal Bolognese is my favorite restaurant ever! They have a beautiful courtyard, and very good service. Everything we had that night was beyond delicious and i highly recommend it! Artichokes are my favorite food, EVER. I could probably eat them 3x a day and still be obsessed, so of course I had to try the artichoke salad. It was incredible. So was the carpaccio (which is meat with lemon if you didn’t already know!). The 2 pastas we tried were the arrabiata and the cacio e pepe. The arrabiata was super spicy, but really delicious! The cacio e pepe was OUT OF THIS WORLD. If you are a fan of cacio e pepe pasta it is so worth going to Dal Bolognese just for this pasta!
Rugantino is an amazing Roman restaurant that has great cacio e pepe (sensing a trend yet?). My family has been going to Rugantino for years and have never been let down!
Another family favorite is La Collina Pistoiese, a high-end Tuscan restaurant. 2 must-haves are the risotto milanese, and the spaghetti ai carciofi (artichoke pasta). They also have a delicious veal!  
For those looking for a quick, enjoyable lunch, Panzerotti da Luini is the place for you! Panzerotti are folded over, fried pizzas. Dough on the outside, and the sauce and cheese inside.
Last but not least is (another) family favorite, Cucchi. INCREDIBLE croissants, cappuccinos, and spremuto (freshly squeezed orange juice). Cucchi is a great bar (check out my How to Survive Italy post if you’re confused :)) and I definitely recommend it

Milan is known for shopping and fashion!
Corso Vittorio Emanuele has beautiful expensive and mid-priced stores.
Via Montenapoleone is my personal favorite. Here you will find all the luxury designers, and even though most people don’t shop here, it is a great place to walk around and enjoy the sights of Milan.
For years I have been shopping on Corso Genova, I love so many stores on that street, and I highly recommend it for mid-priced shops!

Every single time I go to Milan I stay in the same place. It’s a small, modest apartment, but it is in the middle of everything! Trams stops, metros, supermarkets, the Duomo, and so many other places are convenient and walkable! The owner is super easy to work with and the property manager is such a nice person! Overall, I recommend staying here! Check out the apartment here and tell her i sent you! http://www.vrbo.com/511633

Piazza gae aulenti is a beautiful, modern piazza that is worth checking out!
Piazza Duomo is of course a must even though it is very touristy!

Milan is my FAVORITE place in the entire world so, of course, I recommend visiting!

I hope this travel guide helped you!
Please let me know where your favorite places in Milan (or Italy) are, and I’ll be sure to check them out next time I go!


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