Black Friday Shopping Guide

So Thanksgiving is tomorrow! And then Black Friday, or as Lily Pulitzer calls it, Colorful Friday! Today I’m putting together a little guide with all my black friday shopping tips for getting all the sales and beating the crowds!

  • Know where the sales are - While this may be obvious, knowing where the best sales are is super important for successful Black Friday shopping. Plan your day by going to the stores with the biggest sales first and ending with some of the smaller sales.
  • Know what you want to buy before you go in - This is a must for Black Friday shopping. Lines are going to be super long and sale racks are going to be a mess. If you go in knowing you want to buy 2 pairs of jeans or a set of plates, it will be much less stressful and much more fun.
  • Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale -  If you don’t listen to tip number 2 and go in without knowing what you want to get, you will be much more likely to just see anything and grab it. But remember you’re still spending money on it even if it’s discounted. So if you wouldn’t buy it and wear it/use it at full price, don’t buy now. Also don’t skip the fitting rooms thinking you can make it work even if it doesn’t fit, because trust me you won’t and it will end up sitting in the back of your closet until you donate it. That said…
  • Leave a little wiggle room in your budget - bring enough money so that you can grab one or two little extras. This is a little bit contradictory, but i believe that if you know you can only get two extra things you’ll be more likely to wait and get something you really love instead of just the first semi-ok thing you see.
  • Divide and conquer - As much fun as it is to shop with friends, dividing up, sharing lists, and each going to different stores will help you get all the discounts, especially when the things you want are on super sale and stores only have a limited quantity Just make sure to meet up and share hysterical stories after.
  • Read all the return policies - If you see something on a great sale, don’t forget to read the return policy to make sure you can return it later in case it doesn’t fit or isn’t what you expected.
  • Come prepared - if you’re planning on going out all day, bring some headphones, snacks and even some extra toilet paper so all your basic emergencies are covered, lol.

So these are my Black Friday shopping day tips! Comment some of you best tips down below and don’t forget to share your most epic purchases and stories from past Black Fridays. Good Luck Shopping!



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