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I know this is the last week of November, so it’s a little bit early to post a gift guide, however for those celebrating Hanukkah it starts next week or if you’re like me, you just like to get an early start on your holiday shopping! So Shadow is taking the $50 and over gift guide and I have the $50 and under. My gift guide is perfect for getting gifts on a budget or for secret santa gifts with a price limit!

For the Beauty Guru:
  • Dry Bar Gift Card ($10-$50) - This is such a cute gift for the busy girl who needs time to relax while still being productive. Or Make it gossip date and go together to catch up.
  • Dry Bar ‘The Four Pack’ ($39) - If you don't have a dry bar near you, this is still a super cute gift to get someone that they probably won't get for themselves.
  • Nail Polish Set ($34) - Nude nail polish colors are so in right now. These colors are gorgeous and this set is perfect for anyone who likes to do their own nails.  
  • Facial Mask Set ($20) - A perfect try-it set for any girl who loves to pamper herself. This lets her try 3 different masks so she can try her favorites.

For the Fashionista:
  • PJ Set ($12.90) - I love giving and getting PJ sets as gifts! These are super cute gifts and they come in a ton of different prints so you can get a different one for each person.
  • Ring ($36) - I am in love with this Bauble Bar ring. A unique style of ring, this is a gorgeous cocktail ring that won’t be to heavy or bulky.
  • Oversized Scarf ($24) - The oversized scarf trend is super in right now, so this is a perfect gift for any fashion forward friend. This is a really unique scarf because it has pastel colors instead of the usual more fall like colors.

For the Chef:
  • Grow Your Own Marinara Kit ($29) - This is actually probably the cutest gift ever. Literally from farm (err, backyard) to table, this set is perfect for anyone who likes to cook and likes to know exactly what goes into their meal.
  • Spice Set ($45) - This is a great gift for any chef who wants some new spices to spice up their cooking (haha I’m so punny). But actually, this comes with a variety of spices that will make cooking new dishes so much fun.
  • A Scale ($30) - Guys, more and more chefs are saying to weigh your ingredients for more precise results. For more experienced chefs this is a perfect gift.

For the Foodie:
  • ‘You’re Pretty’ Wine ($25) - A gorgeous replacement to standard wine, these bottles are so pretty and come in a variety of different prints so you can get them for a ton of different people.
  • Cold Brew Coffee ($12) - This coffee is supposedly amazing, so if you know any coffee fanatics, I would recommend getting them this!
  • Food Gift Box ($25) - This service is supposed to be amazing. If you know anybody who loves healthy food and good music, this is the box for them. With new surprises every month, you’ll def get them hooked in just 1-2 months.
  • Sampler Set ($40) - Ok so I know this is a little bit unconventional but this peanut butter sampler set is actually adorable and the perfect gift for anyone with a peanut butter craving.

For the Fitness Buff:
  • Ear Warmers ($20) - Exercising is wayy more fun when you’re comfortable and not freezing your butt off. For the runners, bikers, or walkers in your life this set of earwarmers is the perfect gift. They use advanced earwarmer technology (LOL) and have reflective logos if you’re running in the dark.
  • Yoga Strap ($15) - A yoga strap is a great gift for any yogi on your gift list. This will help beginners get into poses and help yogis with more experience deepen their stretches.
  • Muscle Relaxer Cream ($30) - This is a great gift for any type of fitness buff on your list. You put this on in your shower and it helps sooth and relax your muscles, a must after a hard workout.
  • Jump Rope ($10) - An affordable and lightweight gift for anyone against running or just wanting to spice up their cardio routine. This jump rope is the perfect gift because it’s something a person probably wouldn’t think of to buy for themself.

For the Artsy Fartsy Person:
  • Stamp Set ($50) - If you know any scrapbookers or anyone who likes to make prints, this is a perfect adorable gift.
  • Art Book ($17) - This is a great book filled with tons of fun ordinary and metaphorical things to draw. This is great for anyone who loves to paint or wants to start painting.
  • Calligraphy Set ($25.99) - This beginner calligraphy set is perfect for anyone looking for a new challenge. This can be super fun and is a great gift for any type of creative person.

For the Interior Designer:
  • “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” ($11) - This is actually a life changing book that really, like, makes you reexamines everything in your book. Deep, but I def recommend getting it for anyone on your gift list.
  • Wall Art ($11) - This is such a cute piece of wall art, but there are like a million others out there. They’re perfect for anyone looking to spruce up their walls.
  • Candle Holder ($32) - This geometric candle holder is a great gift for anyone who likes to decorate their home. I really like how unique this is and I really recommend it.  

For the Men in Your Life:
  • Mini Air Hockey  ($20) - This is a super cute idea for any guy. It’s actually really fun and a great idea for a gift.
  • Fix it Stick ($30) - A great gift for anyone who loves to fix it themself, these fix it sticks combine some of the most common tools into one cool gadget.
  • A Tie ($19) - A guy can never have too many ties (I think, I really have no idea). Tie Bar ties come in tons of fun colors and styles so you can always pick something that fits their personality.

Secret Santa on a Budget:
  • Puns - When you’re really on a budget, puns and cheap items make it so much fun. Try giving someone Santa-tizer (hand sanitizer), or some Extra love (Extra Gum), or even a note saying that you’re there in CASE you ever need them (a cheap phone case).
  • Movie Night - Tie a bow around a movie, a pack of popcorn and some kind of box candy.
  • Ice Cream Set - Even though it’s winter, a gift of m&ms, chocolate chips, caramel sauce, and whipped cream is always a great gift.
  • A Framed Picture - Awwwwwwwww, so cute. If you’re giving a gift to a friend try finding some old cute pics of you two and framing them.

Ok, so this is my under $50 holiday 2015 gift guide!!!!! I hope this list helps you guys pick gifts for everyone on your list. Let us know what else you’re giving for some new ideas!



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