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If you’re anything like me, you are a total workout junkie. And obvi with workouts comes super cute clothes. We’ve all heard about Lulu Lemon. And while I love their clothes to death, there are tons of other amazing workout clothes stores that are underrated and definitely under the radar in the majority of the fitness world. So if you want to avoid twinning with the person on the elliptical next to you, try some of these stores for adorable clothes that it feels like no one knows about.  

  • Cory Vines - Talk about underrated but amazing. Their clothes have amazing quality at almost half the cost (49$ for a pair of leggings!) of some other more well known brands (cough cough LuLu). Their leggings are super comfortable and they have some great tops that are perfect for wearing to the gym and then out onto your next errand.
  • Onzie - If you want prints and color, this is the store for you. They literally have like a million different prints on everything from leggings to sports bras, to up your butt booty shorts (sorry, that was mean but it’s true). Again they have super high quality and they are pretty reasonably priced with a pair of leggings about 70$.
  • Oiselle - Made for runners, these outfits are perfectly aerodynamic and keep you cool. They’re definitely more basic in terms of prints and colors, but they have amazing quality. They have comparable pricing to Lulu Lemon with leggings at about 82$.
  • Sweaty Betty - Probably a little more common than the other ones, this is a great workout store for any kind of activity. They make it easy to shop by activity (like dance, or running) or by style. They are much more expensive (leggings can cost around 115$), but you can find adorable tops and sports bras from much cheaper.
  • Jala Clothing - This is another great store for prints and other cool designs. A big feature with there clothes are tons of interesting cutouts and fabric designs. They have tons of matching sets which look super chic, but you can also mix and match for another great look. Leggings are about 80$ so definitely comparable to tons of the other brands.

Anyways, this is my list for some underrated/under the radar workout clothes stores. I love all of these and I hope there’s something on this list for everyone. Share some of you favorite stores down below or share pics of you wearing your favorite fitness outfit for a chance to be featured on social media!



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