Fall Favorites!!

Hey guys!
Although most of December is technically considered fall, here in NY it is so cold and feels like straight up winter. Fall, for me at least, is coming to a close so I thought I’d do a roundup of my favorite products from this season. Of course these products can be used year round so it’s like a monthly favorites post from the past 3 months:)
This season, I focused on dewy, hydrated looking skin, simple eyes and simple lips.
Mac Fix+ is a cult favorite, and it now has my stamp of approval (if that means anything to you). This doesn’t prolong the wear of my makeup, but it does hydrate my skin and take away any powdery look. I love soaking my face in this, and then fanning it dry.
Champagne pop is a no brainer. Quick story: I ordered champagne pop 2 minutes after it came out from a cafe in Italy. I specifically found a place that had free wifi lol. I was so excited about it and have been using it ever since but I never mentioned it because it is limited edition and I didn’t know when it would stop being sold. Anyways, I’m talking about it now! I wasn’t a fan of opal AT ALL but champagne pop is truly amazing and the color honestly does suit every skin tone!
My next favorite is the urban decay naked basics palette. This is a perfect everyday palette that contains 1 simmery and 4 matte shades ranging from a frosty white to a deep matte black. The shadows are super soft and blendable and perfect for everyday!
My next favorite is an urban decay liner in the color vice. This is a GORGEOUS purple eyeliner and i love the formula on these! I will be featuring this liner in an instagram makeup look so make sure to follow us (@shadowandgloss_) to see all our posts :)!  
My last favorite is another youtuber collab. A few months back Kathleenlights collabed with colourpop and she created a lippie stick in the color lumiere. I absolutely love this color for fall because you can alter the color depending on how you apply it. If you dab it onto your lips it gives off a beautiful mauve color, but if you swipe it on and apply a fully opaque layer it looks more purpley. The formula on this is bomb and the color looks good on everyone! I highly recommend :). If you want to win one of these lippie stick as well as some other cool things I recommend following us on insta because as soon as we get 300 followers we will be hosting a big giveaway!
Comment down below what your favorites have been this season and what your looking forward to most in winter :)!
Oh, and I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! Whats one tradition you do every year? I always play football with my family!


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