Brush cleaner comparison!

Hey guys!
Today i will be comparing two brush cleansers. 

Although it is very annoying and time consuming, cleaning your brushes is just as important as washing your face. Brushes contain bacteria from the products you use and from your face so by not washing your brushes, you are spreading more bacteria and causing breakouts. It is super important to deep clean your brushes at LEAST once a week! About one year ago, I purchased the beauty blender solid cleanser and fell in love!!
The beauty blender solid cleanser contains 1 oz of product and is $16. The soap has no scent and washed your brushes really well! The only issue I had was that it didn't come with a rubber glove type thing that really cleanse your brushes.
The Sephora dry clean solid brush cleanser contains 1.1 oz of product and costs $14. The soap is infused with Argan oil which helps hydrate and soften the brush bristles. The soap is infused with a soft Moroccan fragrance which does linger on your brushes until the first use. Personally, I like the scent so it doesn't bother me at all. The Sephora dry clean solid brush cleanser comes with a silicone pad that helps deep clean brushes.
Although both brush cleaners are really good and effective, I prefer the Sephora brand one rather than the because it costs less, has more product, and comes with the silicone pad.
Let me know what your favorite brush cleaners are because I am always looking to try new ones!!

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  1. i don't know why the picture is so blurry! it was completely clear on my computer!


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