Stratford, Ontario Travel Guide

So we recently added a travel section to this blog! I have a feeling that most of those vacations are gonna be action packed at amazing places. But what about those people who like quiet vacation somewhere tucked away? This previous September (I know this is a long time ago) I visited Stratford, Ontario. This is the perfect little town for more worldly people or dare I say, sophisticated. Just kidding, but really there isn’t much to do except for the single main attraction, The Shakespeare theaters and The Shakespeare Festival.

Ok so now a little background on this vacation. We stayed in Stratford for only 2 days which I believe is a good amount of time to stay, unless you’re a real Shakespeare fan. We went in late September so it was a little chilly but still so nice to walk around outside. From the East Coast there’s no time change which I loved. Also while there is an airport close to Stratford, we actually flew into Toronto and stayed with family for a night.

What to pack - 
  • A nice outfit - Going to one of the Shakespeare plays is a fancy event so I recommend wearing a nice dress/skirt and flats.  
  • A sweater - Ok so I’m not going by any stereotypes but hey, it’s Canada and it can get a bit chilly so I def recommend bringing at least one sweater.
  • A bathing suit - Ok this may sound strange but the hotel we stayed at had a pool and a sauna so you know…
  • Walking shoes - Part of the great thing about this town is the water and the fact that you can walk everywhere so good walking shoes are a must.

Places to stay -
  • When we went we stayed at the Festival Inn. This was a super cute small hotel just a little bit down the road from the main town. They have a pool, sauna, and hot tub. They also have a bar and a restaurant. This hotel is on a ton of land that’s so nice to walk around on.

Things to do -
  • Watch a play - Needless to say, this being a town centered around Shakespeare you must go watch a play. We saw King Leer which was really good. Not only do they have Shakespeare plays they also do many classics such as Alice in Wonderland.
  • Shop - This town has the cutest little shops all along the main street and I def recommend taking a walk along the sidewalks and checking out the stores.
  • Walk by the water - The water right near the theater is gorgeous! There are bridges to walk over and places to sit and eat. There are also a ton of vendors/outdoor sellers along the way selling handmade crafts.

What to eat -
  • Coffee Culture Cafe and Eatery - This restaurant serves amazing cakes and breads and small dishes. I don’t drink coffee but those who did say it was amazing. And the restaurant itself is just so cute.
  • Distinctly Tea - The tea here was amazing and I def recommend it if you’re a tea drinker like me.
  • Pazzo Pizzeria - This restaurant had such a nice atmosphere and the food was amazing. Just FYI if you like caprese salads, I def recommend this one it’s amazing.

Ok so I know this post isn’t as long as some of the other travel posts but because the town is so small and the main attraction is the Shakespeare festival and all the plays, there isn’t much else to do. Comment below if you’ve gone and what your experience was and if you take my advice tell me what you think about it.



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