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Today’s post is on some of Florence’s highlights. As many of you know, I went to Italy this past summer and will be sharing with you the highlights from my trip in different posts. Unfortunately, I deleted ALL of my notes on Florence and so I won’t be able to give you a step-by-step travel guide of what I did there, but I can remember enough to write a post on it!
I stayed right on the river in the Westin Hotel. The westin is a beautiful hotel with great customer service. I mean it’s a starwood, so what else do you expect :). I was really pleased with my huge room, especially since I was in Europe (and Europe is known for having small hotel rooms if you didn’t already know!).
Since I was in Florence in July, it was insanely hot. But even so, I spent most of my days walking around enjoying the sights of the city. 3 of my favorite things I did there was visit the Gucci Museum, walk the Ponte Vecchio, and walk around the high end stores. The Gucci Museum is in the Piazza della Signoria, a pretty central piazza. The museum basically showed the evolution of the brand and some of his old fashion pieces. Note that the museum is mostly homegoods (suitcases and such), and handbags, not clothing.
Although Ponte Vecchio is a tourist attraction is was a truly beautiful bridge! I remember my grandfather used to work on it, so I remember him every time I see the bridge! There were a LOT of people on the bridge though, so if you aren’t a fan of crowded places, this may be better to be looked at from a distance.
The high end fashion street is a must for anyone who likes high end stuff... It’s a beautiful street and the stores on it gives the street a nice vibe!
The only restaurant I remember eating at is the 13 Gobbi near the Westin hotel. I had the arrabbiata and it was one of the best I have ever had! Super spicy, and really flavorful!
Florence was a beautiful city, and it’s high on my list to go revisit!
If you want to check out my other Italy posts, here is my Venice travel guide:

My next Italian travel post will be on my favorite place in the entire country, so stay tuned to figure out when that’s coming!
Let me know what your favorite things to do in Florence are, I would love to know for next time I go back!


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