Tips on how to survive Italy!

Hey guys!
So for today's post, I thought I would do something a little different. I am going to give you some tips on how to "survive" Italy. Obviously anyone can survive going to Italy, cause in all honesty it's not tough, but I thought I would share my tips on how to make the most out of your visit. Because I am Italian, speak Italian, have been to Italy more than 10 times, and have a mom who lived in Italy until she was 20, I think I have some tips and tricks that most others don't have. 
Tip #1: DONT look like such a tourist. Almost everywhere Italians treat other Italians better than tourists. I'm not saying to go and learn Italian before visiting, because that would be really really hard, but ditch the big backpack for a handbag (doesn't have to be a fancy, expensive one!) and the bright colorful sneakers for something like converse or supergas. And please please replace the baseball hat with sunglasses and sunscreen! 
Tip #2:DO NOT wear workout clothes unless you are actually going to workout. I know this is something all Americans do but the Italians see no value to lulu lemon. I made the mistake of wearing Nike shorts (which I think are totally acceptable in the U.S.) to get breakfast at a bar. The lady at the cashier gave me an obvious disapproving look and then was super confused when I ordered in Italian. 
Tip #3: don't confuse an American bar with an Italian one. For Italians bars are where you go to grab a cornetto (an Italian croissant) and a cappuccino while Americans go to a bar to drink. Also understand that if you sit in a bar, it will be almost 2x as much than if you stand.  
Tip #4: Your not so cool cause you know 3 words in Italian. People get very annoyed when you butcher their language so either learn the correct pronunciation or stick to good old google translate. (Although scusi (excuse me, pronounced skuze) comes in handy when walking through a crowd of people). 
Tip #5: Non touristy restaurants are 1 million times better and much cheaper than touristy ones. Although the restaurants mentioned in tour books may have generally good reviews, those people just don't know what good Italian food is. A good way to find a non touristy restaurant is to make sure the menu isn't in 4 different languages and to avoid places with hawkers. 

Those were my top 5 tips on how to "survive" Italy. Of course you should know to watch out for pickpocketers and beggars, and to eat to your hearts content cause your in Italy for Pete's sake! but I know that'll all be in the guide book you're going to read next. 

Although this post was on all the things you shouldn't do in Italy, a Venice travel guide will be posted next and there you can ignore all of these guide lines (minus the one about the bars. that always stays the same.)

I hope this helps you out and that you have a great Time in Italy because it's really an awesome place!


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