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Hey guys!
Today’s post is going to be a book review on the book My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick I used to be an avid reader, but in the past few years I haven’t read a lot. I’m starting to get back into reading, so I thought I would share the books I read with you guys! In my book reviews, I’m not going to give spoilers because that would be pointless! Instead I’m going to describe the book and let you know if I thought it was a good read or not.
Although everyone always tells you not to judge a book by it’s cover, I find that if a book doesn’t have an attractive cover I probably won’t end up reading it! I really love this cover, because it describes the book perfectly while still leaving some suspense.
Onto the actual book… I love authors who make their characters really relatable. By relatable, I mean the issues they face, and they way they act pertain to our everyday lives. I feel like most of the events in this book can (and probably) will happen to a lot of teens.
Although Samantha and Jase are relatable characters, they are goals… Like Jase treats Samantha SOO well! okay, i’m done.. i can’t say anymore without giving the book away!
The ending is quite surprising, and I feel like the book really does come together at the end whether you like it or not!
I really liked this book because it was relatable, suspenseful, well written and just an overall good book!  
Let me know if you have read this book, and other book recommendations you may have!


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