Fitness- My favorite Workouts

Hey guys!
Today’s post is on my favorite workouts!
Recently, I have been loving working out, and have found a few online workouts that i love!
My all time favorite fitness website is tone it up. These are my 4 favorite workouts:  
I love tone it up workouts because (this may sound weird), but I find these workouts relaxing. Not that they aren’t hard, because they are really hard, but the videos are filmed on the beach so it’s a good relaxing (but intense) workout. I don’t know if you get what I mean, but hopefully you do!
Another one of my favorite workout websites/ blogs is Blogilates. Every single workout I have ever done from her has been amazing, so I recommend any of them! *Be warned, these are really intense workouts!

I really hope this was a helpful post, because I love finding new workouts online!
Also be sure to let me know down below where you go when you need a new workouts!


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