Different Types of Yoga

If you couldn’t already tell from a few of my older posts, I am getting back into yoga! And I LOVE it! But when I first started taking some classes I was surprised at how many different types there are. I mean, isn’t all yoga the same? The answer my friend is a hard no. So today I thought it would be fun to write a post kind of like a dictionary but for the different types of yoga - so you know what you’re getting into ahead of time!

Aerial/Anti-gravity yoga - Maybe my favorite kind of yoga, this is a super fun form that utilises a fabric hammock to support and help you through the poses and inversions.

Anusara - A great class for beginners, this is often described as a more upbeat form of yoga. This is a great class to help get you back into yoga

Ashtanga - This is a much more athletic form of yoga. There are 6 pose sequences each flowing as a vinyasa. Know all the poses before you go to class and you’ll be set.

Bikram - A series of 26 poses done twice in almost 105 degree heat. This is great for weight loss and for increasing flexibility - just be careful you don’t injure yourself.

Hatha - This is just regular yoga class. If you see this, just know it’s a classical, basic, yoga class great for anyone from beginner to advanced.

Lyengar - This form incorporates the use of many props into the practice. It’s well suited for beginners wanting to learn the ropes of yoga or for advanced students wanting to perfect their technique.

Jivamukti - This form focuses on the traditional spiritual elements of yoga. Classes will often have a theme or specific message.

Kripalu - This is a form that really bring you in touch with yourself. You start by learning the poses, then holding them longer, and then meditation and a final flow of poses. Be conscious of your body the whole time and really focus on yourself.

Kundalini - This form is great for energizing yourself and staying grounded and focused. Know your chakras for where to send your energy to but this is a great class that will really get you into yoga.

Power - This is an athletic form of yoga adapted from ashtanga yoga. Its great for weight loss and anyone who wants to combine a workout and yoga.

Prenatal - In this form vinyasas are modified for moms-to-be. It focuses on strengthening muscles and breathing and is great for moms-to-be at any level.

Restorative - This is a great form of yoga for injury rehab. Modifications are available for any kind of injury. Its also a great relaxation class and meditation class.

Vinyasa Flow - This is a form of yoga that repeats a  few basic sequences flowing from one pose to the next using inhales and exhales.

(FYI, some of these definitions were based off of the info found on Women’s Health.)

So these are some of the most common types of yoga and a little definition. Let me know if you are thinking about taking a class not mentioned here and I’ll be sure to check it out! Also comment below what your fave forms are or if you have any other questions!



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