Menswear Trends For Women

The other day, I had an idea for a fun project. As I was scouring the essential fashion magazines, blogs, and sites, I came across a ton of coverage of the menswear fashion shows. So I started thinking maybe I could take some of the hottest male trends and turn them into amazing looks for women. I must admit, it was a little harder than I thought it would be. Anyways, here goes...

  • Neo-seventies - For men and women, the runways this year have been filled with throwbacks to the 70’s. From flares to graphic designs and colors the 70’s are back. To resemble this style try flares, flowers, prints, bold colors, suedes and shift dresses. 
                                                                 Dress Boots Bag Flower
  • Animal-esque - From fur to leopard and everything in between, the men’s runways were filled with animal inspired elements. To resemble this style try mixing prints and textures. 
  • Baggy trouser - The baggy trouser was definitely preferred over the straight leg or skin-tight pant this year. To resemble this look try turning the trouser into joggers.
  • Leather Pant - Along with the baggy trouser, there is the leather pant. To resemble this look try a flirty version of the leather pant.
Pants Shirt Shoes Bag: Its by Mat and Nat Ohara but I couldn’t find a link.
  • Oversized Coat - Drop your pea coats and leather jackets because the oversized coat trend is in! To resemble this try opting for an oversized boyfriend jacket - pair it with something more fitted underneath for a more feminine look.
  • Shearling - Shearling is now giving fur a run for its money. To resemble the looks on the runway try a more flirty feminine shape.
Jacket: Is by River Island, I couldn’t find the exact link. Dress Bag Shoes

So this is it! I had a ton of fun working on this and if you liked it, tell me and I’ll be sure to do more. Comment your favorite looks and share pictures of you rocking these trends for a chance to be featured on our social media!



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