Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

BOO! Happy (almost) Halloween! It’s like right around the corner and I’m so excited! Anyways, now is that awkward time when you realize you may have forgotten to plan a Halloween costume - and then you realize you don’t really have that many options. So today I have a few ideas of last minute Halloween costumes to share with you!

  • Crime Scene - For a group of friends, try being a crime scene! Wear black dresses and outline the sides in chalk, wear red lipstick and wrap some caution tape around yourself. Bonus points if you use fae blood.
  • Beanie Babies - Another one for a friend group, everyone pick a different beanie babie and try dressing up like it. Using poster board make the little Ty heart logo thin and tie it to your sleeve!
  • Harley-Davidson Girls - Order (or bonus points if you make your own) Harley-Davidson shirt. Pair with ripped jean shorts, fishnets, red lipstick, teased hair, and combat boots to really complete the look.
  • (Dead) Disney Princesses - For a DIY outfit try being dead disney princesses. Purchase some disney princess outfits (any kind works) and then get creative with how they died. Maybe Belle got mauled by her beast (try adding some claw marks and fake blood) or maybe Elsa got frozen (Play with some sick face painting). Just be creative!
  • Holidays - This one is really easy. Take some of your favorite holidays and dress up like them. If you’re Christmas, try wearing red and green and a santa hat. If you’re Valentines Day try wearing pink, red, and hearts.

So these are some of my last minute halloween costume ideas! Share pictures of you rocking these on Halloween with us for a chance to be featured on social media! Also if you have any other ideas share them below, I’d love to hear them!



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