As I’ve said before, we live in a digitized world. We send emails, texts, snapchats, basically anything/everything except for letters. Well, I recently received a letter from my grandparents. And because, how do I put this nicely, they are not as tech-savvy I wrote one back. And you know what? Even though it took like 10 years, it was kinda fun. So then I started thinking that writing letters would be wayy more fun if I did it on really cool stationery. So instead of going to a store, I decided to create my own!


  • Cardstock - I love the Recollections ones with matching envelopes.
  • Printer
  • Washi Tape - you can find it at a local craft or dollar store.
  • Craft Knife - scissors work but an craft knife is a little easier.
  • Wax/Parchment Paper
  • Fine point sharpie - not necessary but helpful.
  • Cutting board


  • Select a word and font you want to use. Remember that you will need to be cutting out the letters so make sure they are not complicated.
  • Find a font size that best fits your paper.
  • Print out a mirror image copy of the word. Do this by putting the word in a textbox, clicking arrange in the top bar and then clicking flip horizontally.
  • Place the word facedown on the wax/parchment paper and tape into place.
  • Flip the paper over and trace the word onto the parchment paper using a fine point sharpie.
  • Remove the printed out word from the back.
  • Cover the side of the paper you haven’t written on with strips of overlapping washi tape. Try to match up patterns whenever possible.
  • Flip the paper over and start to cut out around the outlined word.
  • When you’re finished use a craft knife to cut out any enclosed spots. If you are using scissors gently fold the paper and make a small cut where you need to and then continue to cut out the rest of the enclosed spot.
  • Carefully, and I mean very carefully, peel the word off from the parchment paper and apply to card.
  • Write out your letter on the back and VOILA, you’re done!

So that was my fairly time consuming but gorgeous way to make DIY stationery. I love doing this and it’s so much fun. It may take one or two letters to fully get the hang of it, but it looks amazing once your done. Share pictures of your stationery with us for a chance to be featured on social media.



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