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Today I have a post that I think is starting to apply to more and more people everyday. If you look back a few years, people were putting crazy stuff all over the face and body. But as more research is done, we’re learning what is safe and what isn’t for our skin. Because of this, many people and choosing to go organic when it comes to their skin care regime. But, this choice can also be a little bit of a burden. Products can be pricier and much harder to find. So today I have a list of some of the best organic skin care lines and brands.

  • Éminence - This is definitely one of the top organic skincare brands out there. They use all organic and natural items like fresh fruit pulps, spices, and plants. They never add harsh chemicals and ingredients are taken from organic farms where quality is the most important thing. The staff is also super helpful and their site is great with recommendations based on concerns and interests. A bonus? They also plant a tree with every product sold. #savingtheenvironment
  • Juice Beauty - Another great brand! All their products are formulated with certified organic products. The products all start with a juice base and then blemish + age controlling agents are added making products with real ingredients that actually work. They also have a ton of clinically validated products - so you know they work.  
  • Tata Harper - A lesser known line that is amazing. They offer 100% natural and nontoxic products that work better on your skin than synthetic products! They do all their own manufacturing and producing which is amazing! They also have a ton of active ingredients and ‘one of a kind’ formulas.
  • Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care - Another smaller brand but still really good. They’re USDA certified and has one of the smallest carbon footprints of any skin care company. They support local sustainability and all products are grown and produced in USDA certified labs. You can shop by concern or by type of product making it an easy site to use.

So these are a few great organic skin care brands/lines! Comment any of your favorite organic skin care companies below and I’ll be sure to check them out. Also share your thoughts on these ones!



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