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Hey guys!
So i know it’s back to school season, and I thought I would share with you guys what in my backpack!
*While brainstorming post ideas, I thought this would be a really fun post, but after writing it, I realized it’s not so i’m sorry If I bored you to death. Anyways I hope this is somewhat helpful!

The backpack I use is a grey jansport bag, I know this isn’t super fun or fashionable, but it’s very practical so I like it!

  1. Notebooks and folders- I am that one girl who color coordinates EVERYTHING so all my folders and notebooks are the same color and they always are the same color (Math=Red, Science=Green and so on…)
  2. I always carry around a pencil case (from staples) with pens, pencils (always mechanical), highlighters, and a calculator.
  3. My emergency kit (if you wanna see a “whats in my emergency kit post, click here) http://www.shadowandgloss.com/2015/02/lifestyle-emergency-kit.html
  4. A lint roller- Okay, so this is weird, but I always have lint on leggins or pants and spend the entire day picking it off so this really helps especially if you wear black a lot!
  5. A tide to go pen- if you are prone to spilling things on yourself, this is a must!
  6. Phone, wallet, and keys- These are probably the most important things i keep in my bag!

That was all I carry in my backpack on a day to day basis! Let me know what you guys carry in your bag down below and also what time you start school! I’m really curious to know… Most days, I started at 8.


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