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We, as a generation, are so in tune with technology. We constantly check our phones for status updates, follow requests, and new snapchats. And I’m sure you’ve heard this before (because I definitely have) when grandparents, parents and friends ask us why it’s so important to check our phones? What could possibly be so critical, life changing, and useful on it? And we reply with a shrug and start to tweet about the whole conversation. I have recently been in the process of bingeing through and redoing my entire room. So I thought why not my phone too? Save for instagram, snapchat, pinterest and a few others, I decided to keep only the most useful apps (read Sephora and The Hunt) on my phone. So today I’m here with my list of what I consider 5 of the most useful apps on my phone!

  • Open table - You know what’s the worst? When you’re trying to make last minute reservations and literally you can’t find anything! This app is amazing for finding places to make reservations at a specific time with a specific amount of people. Even read reviews of the restaurant if you’ve never been there before!
  • Citymapper - For a number of major cities citymapper is definitely a must. Find directions, subway/train schedules, ETA predictions, and find places near you. For a traveler or someone who wants to be prepared in their own city, you def need this app.
  • Map My Run - My new favorite fitness running app. This one allows you to find and create new running routes, see your times, make new running friends and see your progress. For even the most beginner runner there’s a group of people on the app to help encourage and motivate you.
  • TripIt - This is an amazing travel app. You can forward your confirmation email and it will create an entire travel itinerary for you. With TripIt Pro (which I def recommend getting), you can share your itinerary with anyone, get alerts, and even helps you find better seats on planes. For anyone who travels and likes to plan, this is the perfect app.
  • Spotify - Super common but still a super useful app! Listen to your favorite songs, find new artists and discover awesome playlists. For every music lover/normal person this is a perfect app.

So these are what I consider the top 5 most useful apps on my phone! Comment any apps you find the most useful on your phone below and I’ll definitely check them out!



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