Choosing a Paint Color

Hey guys!

So I know I took a little hiatus on the redo-ing my room posts. In my defense I was so stuck on which color to paint my room that I literally couldn’t make a decision on anything else.

I finally decided to paint my top 4 choices on the wall. One set in a darker corner and the other right beneath the window in a super sunny place. I wanted to go with a grey but my main concern was that it would end up being way too dark. I also decided to paint a white square just to see the grey next to a very light color. Guys, I can not tell you how helpful this was. After like 2.5 months of agonizing I finally decided to go with white. Seeing the white next to grey I realized that going lighter was definitely what I wanted. So please don’t murder me, I decided to go with white! AND I FREAKING LOVE IT!!! So a tip from an indecisive pro: Always paint multiple options in multiple places. Not only will this help you see your paint colors in a ton of different lights but will also help you make sure the color you were thinking about, is definitely the right color. Another quick tip, if you are still super stuck, try picking out some other pieces for your room first - bedding, artwork, rugs. Then use those pieces to help pull out a common color for your walls.

Ok so I know this was a super short post, but choosing a paint color + painting a room is one of the simplest things you can do to redecorate a room. Share a picture of your room on social media for a chance to be featured!



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