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Hey guys!

So school is starting back up again for some of you. Sigh. And that means mandatory changing for gym classes. Double sigh. Anyways, I thought it would fun to share some ways to update your regular Nikes for something, dare I say, more fashionable. While I can’t promise all of these will be gym class appropriate, I can promise that you’ll look ahh-mazing!

  • Slip On Sneakers - This has been a huge trend recently! And while some may not consider them actual sneakers, Steve Madden calls them sneakers, and what he says goes! Anyways, this is such a cute and comfy style that looks amazing with anything! These Steve Madden Slip Ons are life by the way.
  • High Top Sneakers - These have kind of been in for awhile but I love this for a more updated sneaker. These are great for gym classes because you can find them in a ton of sporty styles. It’s pretty basic, but I have been in LOVE with high top converse lately.
  • Swedges - Definitely not gym class approved, but who doesn’t love sneaker wedges? These are an easy way to dress up sneakers and look so cute with anything. These are pretty cool ones.
  • Super Sporty Sneakers - Not really a trend, but definitely gym class approved. These types of sneakers are a great fashion statement that shows off your sporty side. Bright color and cool silhouettes are a must when wearing some super sporty sneakers. These ones could actually look insanely good when paired with the right outfit.

So, these are my ideas for revamping your sneaker style. Hopefully these styles will help you look stylish all day, not just during gym class. Comment any of your favorite sneakers below and tag us in pictures on social media of your updated sneakers for a chance to be featured!



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