Beauty- Belif Peel off Mask review

Hey guys!
Today’s post is on the Belif first aid transforming peel off mask. I first heard about this mask from tiffany on youtube (makeupbytiffanyd) and thought I should try it and see what my thoughts were!
Belif is a korean skin care company that’s new to sephora. This is a peel off mask that claims to gently exfoliate, remove dead skin cells and minimize the appearance of pores that is great for all skin types. Off the bat, i can say that this made a difference in the quality of my skin! I would HIGHLY recommend this for those with sensitive skin because it doesn’t aggravate your skin what so ever. After using this mask, my skin has felt softer and i find it doesn’t break out as much. I use this mask every other day in the morning. I love using this in the morning because I find that my skin looks dewy and any makeup I put on after goes on more smoothly and looks flawless!
Another thing I have to comment on is the smell, because you know this is Shadow and Gloss. I am obsessed with the smell, i honestly can’t describe it but just go to your local Sephora and smell this thing. Anyways, that was my quick review for today. Overall, I’m really impressed with this mask and would definitely recommend going out and trying it!

Let me know if you have tried this mask and what your thoughts are!


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