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Hey guys,
So today’s post is about a more serious topic. I mean it’s not that serious but I feel like it’s more important than my favorite beauty products or whatever.
Stress is something everyone deals with. Whether you’re stressed about school, work, or your social life it is so important to deal with it in the right ways. If you don’t let your stress out slowly, one day you will “explode”.
I’m going to start off by talking about how I deal with stress related to work or school. If you are overloaded with the amount of work there is to be done my best tip is to break up your projects into smaller pieces. This automatically makes it seem like you have less work. Each day, do a couple of those smaller pieces of the project and by the end you will see how much more efficient this technique is.
Another this that really really helps me is to not procrastinate. I know this is a GIANT issue for many many people, but if you can find a way around procrastinating, you will feel so much better about yourself and your stress with be reduced. Maybe I’ll do a whole post on my tips to stop procrastinating, because [unlike most people] I think i got that under my belt!
My last tip for minimizing your stress has to do with your attitude. If you say that you won’t have enough time to finish a project so you’re just going to watch netflix instead, that all on you. Instead, if you say that turning in 3/4 of your project is better than turning in no project at all, your teacher will be way more likely to hear why you didn’t have a chance to finish.
Although stress and school will ALWAYS be related, I hope these tips will help you minimize your amount of stress!
As always, please comment below your tips on how to deal with stress so you can help others!

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