E-reader - is it worth is?

We live in a world where bigger is always better. Where we’re not satisfied unless we have the newest and coolest technology and devices. It’s taken over all aspects of our life. As I’ve said in posts before one of my goals is to read more. Because of this, I fished out my old kindle from a drawer and started reading. But then it dawned on me, is an E-reader really worth it? I know I already have one, but going forward, is it worth it to upgrade? And what about some of you guys without one - is it worth it to invest?

There are a few obvious benefits of an E-reader. You can buy books and download them instantly, they’re light and you can bring them anywhere (great for travel), you can bring millions of books anywhere, and finally the light changey thing can make it easy to read in the dark and in the bright light.

There are also a few obvious cons of an E-reader. Some of them aren’t backlit making it hard on your eyes and keeps you up all night. There is also the price, not only do you have to pay for the E-reader but also for each book. E-reader libraries do not also have all the books you want making it difficult when you want something not in the library/store. Finally there is the obvious joy of flipping through pages in an actual book.

So my decision, I think that regular old books are the way to go. In most cases. Guys you know I’m indecisive - why are you putting so much pressure on me? For regular at home use, books hands down win, they’re better for your eyes and if you join a library, they’re much more cost effective. However if you travel often, I recommend an E-reader because it is much more travel friendly.

So you’ve heard my arguments and my opinions, comment down below your thoughts and opinions on the E-reader and I’ll def read them!



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