Fitness- 5 Minute Ab workout

Hey guys!
so today I'm posting my first workout post!! I'm actually really excited to write this! So let's just get into my 5 minute ab workouts.

15 regular crunches: Crunches are the classic exercise when thinking about working the abs. Crunches strengthen your core, which helps with balance, posture, as well as many other things.
15 cross body crunches: These types of crunches are pretty similar to regular crunches, but they work your side muscles as well as your abs.  
15 crunches with your legs up: Again, similar to crunches, but I feel like alternating between these 3 types of crunches is more interesting than just doing one type!
15 leg lifts: leg lifts slim your lower stomach or "muffin top" area, which almost everyone can use!
Repeat this process 2-3 times depending on how tired you get lol.
I know this isn't the most complex workout but honestly I am just getting into the whole fitness thing. I have been researching and creating my own mini workouts and doing 3-4 of them a day.
I hope this helped a couple of you out! and please please let me know our favorite workouts in the comments cause I REALLY wanna try them!
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