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As I said in my last post, school is probably starting soon for some of you guys. At least for me, picture day is one of the first things we had to do for the year. And maybe it was just me but I would stress sooo much about what to wear. I mean it was going to be on my ID for the whole year. Come on people, clearly it’s a huge deal. Anyways, today I decided to put together a few tips on what to wear to school on picture day so you can get the best pics possible.

  • Wear a solid color top - This will help draw attention to your face and will keep your outfit from looking busy.
  • Go light on makeup - I recommend a light gloss for a little shine and maybe a little eyeliner. This will make you look amazing but not like you caked on the makeup.
  • Go for an accessory - Try a hair accessory or a statement necklace. This will stop your outfit from looking boring but won’t draw too much attention away from your face.
  • Think about your hair - I recommend leaving it down - but if it will just puff out and get frizzy, a high bun or ponytail would also look super chic and cute.
  • Speaking of hair, remember a brush. I recommend a soft brush because that will help keep the frizzy hair under control.
  • Pose - Know your best angle before you go to take the picture. Also make sure to keep your back straight and your chin up for the best look.
  • And finally, don’t forget to SMILE.

So these are my tips for taking better picture day pictures. Comment down below what some of your tips for rocking Picture Day are and don’t forget to tag us in pictures of your Picture Day Pictures for a chance to be featured on our social media!



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