4 Back to School Outfits

Unfortunately, school is starting soon for some of you guys! Literally the only part I liked about going to school is back to school shopping (BTS shopping as the cool kids call it lol). But honestly it can be a little overwhelming, I used to freak out because there were so many option and I honestly just couldn’t decide what I wanted. So today I decided to come up with a list of 4 BTS outfits using essentials that you can wear all year long!

  • Pair a kimono with a tight shirt and jean shorts (jorts if you please). You can wear the shorts and shirt with other outfits and the kimono and shirt can be worn during the winter.

  • Pair a tight white (or black) shirt with cotton shorts. The shirt can be the same one from outfit 1, making this a super budget friendly outfit.

  • Try a shift dress and a light sweater. The dress can be paired with leggings over the winter and the sweater can be worn throughout the entire fall.

  • Try a graphic tee, jean shorts and a sweater. The jorts can be the ones from outfit 1 and the sweater can be worn throughout the entire winter.

So I tried to pick outfits that had a few similar pieces so you can save a few bucks on you BTS shopping. I also tried to mix up the types of outfits so you have basically a week of outfits or if you live in a place with crazy temperatures (super cold or hot) you have at least one option. Anyways, these are my BTS outfit ideas. If you wear any of these outfits to school share pics with us for a chance to be featured on social media!



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