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Hey guys!
In today’s post, I’m going to be reviewing the Gerard cosmetics and Mannymua’s collab. The Serenity Liquid Lipstick. First off, I want to congratulate Manny on this collab, I have been watching him on youtube for forever now and he is honestly one of my favorite youtubers.
Along with Serenity, Gerard Cosmetics launched 2 other liquid lipsticks, a nude and a bright orange red. Manny describes Serenity as a beautiful warm pink with a hint of brown, and i think thats a perfect description.
I am in love with the packaging of this product. It is a frosted glass looking packaging with a gold lid. While stalking Manny and Gerard Cosmetics on twitter, they were retweeting pictures of people whose liquid lipsticks arrived, and they were all in boxes, while mine arrived without a box… Anyways, onto the formula of the liquid lipstick. Unlike most people, i am not really a fan of the matte/liquid lipstick trend. I hate the feel of dry lips so I don’t normally buy liquid lipsticks. In the video where Manny announced this lipstick, he said that i was moisturizing, and totally not drying. Not that i’m saying he’s lying, but for me, this isn’t a moisturizing liquid lipstick. Another thing that I wasn’t really impressed with is the consistency. Its so liquidy that I can basically pour it out, and it never completely dries so its ridiculously sticky and pretty uncomfortable to wear. Gerard Cosmetics, please help me out here, is this normal?! I’m really hoping I got a bad one, because the color is absolutely beautiful! and if the formula was a little better, this liquid lipstick would be my new favorite lip product! The lasting power is amazing. I wore this for about 4 hours before it started to fade and i even drank (from a straw) and ate a couple bites without much transfer! I really really love wearing this lipstick with a gloss on top. I feel like you still get the color, but it feels much better on your lips.

Unfortunately, for me this liquid lipstick wasn’t my favorite because of the formula, but the color is absolutely beautiful, and it had great lasting power. Please please please let me know if you had a different experience with this liquid lipstick, because I am 1000% sure Manny would never create a product that’s not perfect.
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