La Jolla, California Travel Guide

I just got home from an AMAZING vacation and I thought I would share some travel tips with you guys! So this time the destination was La Jolla, California!

First some background, we traveled from JFK airport in New York, to the San Diego Airport. The plane ride was about 5 or 6 hours there and around 4 hours back, with a three hour time difference between the East and West coast. We stayed about 5 days, and the weather was low 70’s (IN JULY) the whole time which kind of sucked, but the trip was still amazing.

What to pack -
  • A light sweatshirt - It was surprisingly cold when we were there and nights can get a little chilly so a light sweatshirt/sweater is a must.
  • A bathing suit - Obviously!
  • Workout/ yoga clothes - I’ll get to this in a little bit, but I think with a gym/studio at every corner this is a necessity.
  • Running shoes - There are a ton of cliffs and cool trails to run/hike on.
  • Golf wear - If you golf, I don’t, but if you do there are a ton of great golf courses out there.

Places to stay -
  • Ok so we stayed at The Lodge At Torrey Pines. I thought this was a great hotel. It has 24 hour room service and 2 onsite restaurants - FOOD. The food was pretty good but I def recommend checking out some of the other restaurants in the town. There was a pool and of course the Torrey Pines golf course. It was on the ocean but surprisingly no beach access. The service and concierge was also great! Overall this hotel was really good and I loved that it was so close to the town.

Things to do -
  • Yoga - Ok, I have a new favorite place! I am actually obsessed with doing yoga at Trilogy Sanctuary. It’s right in the middle of downtown La Jolla and get this, THEY DO ROOFTOP AERIAL YOGA. This was actually the most fun thing ever. They also have tons of rooftop Vinyasa Flow classes, but if you’re not afraid of being upside down I couldn’t recommend anything more than the Sky Yoga (aerial yoga).
  • Shop - Downtown La Jolla is a gorgeous place to shop with tons of little boutiques and even a few major stores (Lulu Lemon + Benefit).
  • Kayak - There are a ton of services that offer kayaking in the ocean which is super fun and there were surprisingly few sharks lol.
  • Hike - At the hotel there were tons of super fun trails to hike and run on. They led down to the ocean and like in the mountains and trust me, they were gorgeous.
  • Go to the zoo - The San Diego zoo isn’t too far from La Jolla, so if you have the time I def recommend visiting it.

What to eat -
  • Trilogy Sanctuary Cafe - At Trilogy Sanctuary they have such a cute, organic cafe. Most of the options are vegan and are super healthy for you. I recommend the Shine superfruit smoothie - it’s amazing.
  • George’s Ocean Terrace - This is a gorgeous restaurant in downtown La Jolla. It looks over the ocean and serves an amazing penne with veggies and amazing chips and salsa.
  • Eddie V’s - Literally like 3 doors down from George’s there’s Eddie’s. They have excellent steak and I don’t eat seafood but those who did said it was amazing.
  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory - OK this is like across the street from both of the above restaurants and it is FABULOUS. I def recommend the M&M bark - It’s amazing.

Ok so these are my tips and ideas for a trip to La Jolla. Comment below what your travel experience is! If you’re planning a trip let us know what you’re planning to do!



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