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Hey guys!
Today I was spray painting my magazine organizers and thought I would share with you guys what I did! I know most of this is self explanatory, but it might give people ideas!
Anyways lets just get into the DIY!!
First I’m starting with empty magazine organizers. I want patterns on my organizers, so I applied masking tape to the areas I don’t want paint. I used striped, but you could do anything from stripes, to hearts, to polka dots. 
Then I spray paint the organizer using gold spray paint i bought off of amazon. *Make sure to keep moving your hand so you don’t get a lot of paint in one area. I let that dry for about 5 minutes, then I turned it onto another side and repeated the same process. I did the same thing for all four sides, then i stood it up and let it dry for about 1 hour. After, I brought it inside because I was worried it might rain. The longer you let it dry the better, so the next morning i started using the organizers!
I love these because they are a great way to store magazines and papers on a desk!
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and comment below what other diys you wanna see in the future!



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