How to style overalls

So  trend I’ve been seeing a lot around here is…. Overalls. I have very mixed feelings about this trend. When styled perfectly they look chic, effortless, and truly amazing. However when not styled well, the wearer can end up looking like Joe Shmoe from Kansas who just rolled out of bed. And while personally I don’t see myself ever investing in some super high quality overalls, I understand their appeal and thought I would do a post on how to style them. Not like Joe Shmoe.

  • Pick an overall style that suits you. This is just knowing what you like and what you look good in. They make so many different kinds so this step is essential. You have to decide if you want to with shorts or pants, bootleg pants or boyfriend jean pants, bib top or v-neck, denim or leather or cotton? So many question! But you really have to spend some time thinking about it. Especially before you dish out $300 for some high quality ones. Personally I recommend shorts on the bottom to balance out the boxy shape.
  • Think color. Bright colors (red, turquoise, pink) can help make overalls look more current and fashionable. Even just a light wash denim or a black will also help keep you from looking like a farmer in kind of boring denim.
  • Make layers your best friend. Sorry guys but here at Shadow and Gloss, we think it’s a really good idea to wear something underneath your overalls. Because overalls are usually so plain, I recommend something with a pattern or print. Stripes always look fabulous and as shown in the picture, so does either words or a picture. Just make sure it goes well with the color of the overalls! Alternatively a bandeau would also work underneath, just make sure what you’re wearing is appropriate for where you’re going.
  • Add some girly pieces. If you’re scared of looking very boxy/masculine in overalls, try adding some girly pieces. Lace tops underneath, wedges, hairbows, and hoop earrings are a great way to make overalls look a little more feminine.  
  • Accessorize! A pair of solid denim overalls from head to toe is pretty boring. Add brightly colored accessories to make your look more fashion forward. Animal print clutches, leather slouchy backpacks, giant flower crowns, bright scarves, interesting shoes or huge statement jewelry is a great way to add a little something extra to your outfit to keep it from getting boring.

Ok so these are my ideas on how to style overalls. Hopefully this page will be able to help you take your overalls from something Joe Shmoe would wear to something super effortless and chic. Tag us in pictures of you rocking overalls and the tips above for a chance to be featured on our insta or twitter.



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