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Happy July first! It’s officially finally Summer. But with the Summer comes the heat. And for some of you (think Cali or down South), it’s probably been hot for months, but here in NY, we are still in the sticky and humid and kind of hot stage and I freaking hate it. Anyways, if you’re anything like Shadow and I and always on the go, there’s just no time to spend hours touching up your makeup because of the heat. So in today’s post I have gathered some of the best heat/sweat proof makeup tips, tricks and products I have to, hopefully, make hot and humid days a little more manageable.

  • Go Light -  The more makeup you have on, the more that can melt off. In the Summer, opt for a little less makeup, using only what you absolutely need. Not only will this help keep your makeup in place, but it will also help your face breath a little, which you know, is always good.
  • WATERPROOF - Invest in a good waterproof eyeliner, mascara, and possibly a concealer or eyeshadow. While I kind of think these are a hoax, It def can’t hurt to have some waterproof ones on hand. Personally I swear by the MAC Longwear WaterProof Brow Set (because even swimming, your brows must always be on fleek) and the Makeup Forever Aqua Creams.
  • Powder! - This summer, make powder your best friend! When you first wake up, it may seem like a great idea to have that dewy look, but trust me, it will be melting off in a matter of minutes. Opt for a powder foundation and a translucent setting powder to keep your makeup from sliding and to help keep you from looking oily.
  • Try tints - Instead of heavy lipsticks try a tinted lip balm. I personally love the Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm. These are much lighter on your mouth and also help protect your lips from a sunburn. If you absolutely must wear a lipstick, try a very pigmented one and then blot it down a little bit. You can also try a cheek tint (I love the benefit ones) instead of a full on blush to lighten up the amount of makeup on your face.
  • Avoid Primers - In the summer, your skin already has a ton of extra oil. Try to avoid eyeshadow primers as much as possible. They will make your eyelids greasier and trust me, they won’t help keep your eyeshadow in place - It will start sliding almost instantly.

So these are some of my best tips, tricks and makeup products for the summer! Hopefully these tips and products will make long, hot summer days a little more manageable. Comment down below your best sweat proof makeup tips and summer must have beauty products and let me know what you think of the products that were mentioned in the post!



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