Beauty- My before flight beauty routine

Hey guys,
As you may know, I love traveling! but my skin doesn’t. Whenever I travel, my skin get super dry and usually breaks out. These are some of the steps I take before I board an airplane.

The first thing I do is use a detoxifying mask. I do this about 3 or 4 days before my flight. Doing this helps remove the impurities from you face while you’re still at home. I do this once a day until I leave.
The next thing I do is drink lots of water. Again for like 3 days prior to my flight. This helps with the hydration.
My last step is to apply a moisturizing mask before the flight, and again during the flight. I love the glamglow thirstymud hydrating mask. Its also clear so you don’t freak out your neighbors on the flight. LOL
I hope you guys find this helpful, because I use it everytime I fly!


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