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Ok heres my issue with the beach. All the sand/waves/wind/ basically anything that will mess up my hair. Ugh and the worst is when you’ve literally just gotten to the beach and like .005 seconds later your hair is all gross and stringy. Anyways, I decided to make a list of some of my top hairstyles to wear to the beach!

  • A Braid - This is a perfect style for the beach because it keeps your hair out of your face, it keeps it from getting knotty, and it lets you lock in the ‘beachy-ness’ so the next day you can still have some ‘beach waves’. I have Shadow with a regular braid but a French braid would stay a little better and leave you with more ‘beach waves’ the next day.
  • A Topknot - If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know that I am kind of obsessed with topknots. These are perfect if you have coarse hair because it will stay really well and it won’t get in your face. Plus, it won’t get as wet as fast so it will take a lot shorter to dry.
  • Headband - One of my favorite styles incorporates a headband. If you don’t plan on swimming all day, it can look super chic to do a braided bun (tutorial soon) that ties in a head band. And if you want to look at 60’s I suggest a thick, almost bandana style headband. Just remember to take it off before you go swimming.
  • High Pony Tail - This is a great style for doing all sorts of sport beach activities (read volley ball or frisbee). It keeps the hair out of your face but also leave your scalp protected from the sun. Before you head into the water, braid the ponytail to keep it from getting all stringy.

Ok so these are some of my favorite hairstyles to wear to the beach. As you can tell, braids are kind of a theme here, but what can I say. I freakin’ love braids! Share a pic with us of you rocking one of these styles at the beach for a chance to be featured on our twitter, insta, or even here on the blog!



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