Beach Must Haves!!

First off Happy Father's day!!!!! I guess we can say summer is officially here! As excited as I am about barbecues, lounging around, and spending all day dancing, I am SO excited to go to the beach. While I know that not everybody can to go to the beach, I feel like the items on my list are must-have for any summer adventure you have. So whether you're off to the beach or ready to have some other amazing summer adventure, there are definitely must-haves!

  • SUNSCREEN - Skin cancer is the cancer of this generation, ladies! And while some people do this amazing thing known as tanning, I burn, so sunscreen in def a must. Just make sure to reapply every 2-3 hours and as soon as you get out of the water.
  • Sunglasses - UV rays are just as harmful for your eyes as they are for your skin. A cute pair of sunnies will help spruce up your outfit and also protect your eyes.
  • SPF Lip Balm - I am all about protecting you guys from the UV rays today. Your lips are just as prone to sunburns as the rest of you is so don’t forget to add a little extra protection so they don’t start to peel.
  • Water - Whenever I go to the beach I ALWAYS forget water. But you def need to have it with you. And remember its not just enough to have it, you actually have to drink it.
  • Sandals - While flip-flops may seem a little more beach appropriate, I’m a strong believer in carrying around a pair of sturdy sandals in your bag. Not all restaurants let you wear flip-flops inside and you def don’t want to be the reason why you and your friends can’t go to a specific place to eat.
  • Snacks - Some of the restaurants around beaches can jack up the prices, making something simple a little pricy. Save a little money and pack yourself a snack from home (Shadow suggests cheese - no please don’t do that - thats a really bad idea)
  • A Cover-up - As I said before, I am all about sun safety so I def recommend a cover-up to bring to the beach for when you’re not in the water. Something with sleeves (maybe a long sleeve romper) helps protect your arms and is still super light. This is also great to pull on after swimming so you can go out for lunch/dinner.
  • A Great Book - You absolutely cannot go to the beach without a book/ magazine. For some suggestions check out my recent post here
  • A Big Tote - I just mentioned a ton of things you guys should bring to the beach and you would be crazy not to have a big beach bag/tote to carry everything in. Go for something made for the beach so you know it can stand up to the sun and water.

So that’s my Beach Must Have List! But this doesn’t just have to be for the beach, use this list as a guide for where ever your summer adventures take you! Comment down below anything you consider a must have! Also tag us in pictures of your beach must haves for a chance to be featured on our twitter on instagram!



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