Designing A Room - The Beginning

Hey guys!

I’m pretty sure everyone here has, at one point in their life, wanted to completely redecorate and redesign their room. I don’t know what it is that makes redecorating a room so appealing but something about it has sparked my interest ever since I was little. I used to love to change around my furniture, color scheme, and the overall ‘theme’ of my room. I’ve been itching to start the process of redoing/redesigning/redecorating my bedroom for a while now and I thought it would be super fun to share my ‘journey’ here with you guys!

As you may know, for me choosing something is not an easy task. I agonize about the littlest detail and it can take weeks for me to pick out the simplest thing. So while I am hoping for my entire redesign to be finished by the end of the year, I have a feeling it might be a little longer. My hope for these posts is that they will be a source of inspiration for your rooms. I’m planning to feature DIY’s, affordable room decor, and the random little things you can do in your room to spruce it up. Anyways, today’s post is going to be the beginnings of redesigning your room and basically just getting started.

What Do You Need/Want?
The first question you have to ask yourself when starting to redecorate is: What do you need/want? The main reason why you’re redoing your room is because you want a change, but this question takes that one step further. Take a look around your room and think about the voids you want to fill. Maybe you reallllly want a canopy bed, or need new bedding, or maybe your room is in such a need for new paint that you honestly just can’t even. Whatever it is put it on a list. When I did this, I had 13 things on my my list starting from painting my room (I still don’t know what color), going all the way to new under the bed storage and new pictures with frames to hang on the wall. Your list may seem overwhelming but don’t erase anything, this is what you truly want in your room and hopefully these posts will make it all a little easier to handle.


The worst part about shopping? Seeing your total at the end and cringing. But when shopping for your room you don’t want to be at the checkout before you do a double take at the price tag. I’m not going to lie, furnishing and decorating a room is not cheap (hopefully this series will take some expenses away but still), this is why it is important to establish a budget early on. When creating a budget pay no attention to your list, you’ll compare them later but for now you want your true raw budget and your true list.


This one is a little difficult, especially when we all have that perfect image in our minds. But for most of us, there’s just no way our dream rooms and lists are feasible. For this this you need to take an honest look at your budget, your list and your current room. Before you start crossing the impossible things off your list take a look at your room with fresh eyes. It might not be exactly what you imagined, but maybe you can make what you already own work. For example, if a new lamp shade is on your list try and DIY one from your current one, or if you want a chair can you just update another one that’s somewhere else in your house? (DIYs for these will be up soon). Now is also a good time to look at your list and decided the top few things you def want to splurge on, and unfortunately what you’re willing to save on. For the things you’re willing to save on Goodwill, consignment shops, tag sales, and sale racks are a great place to look. and with your splurge items - have fun shopping!

This is probably one of the only posts like this I’ll be doing like this but don’t worry you’ll have a ton of other super fun posts to look forward to. In following posts I’m hoping to have DIY’s, decor hauls, and other decorating tips. I’m up for anything so let me know what you guys want to see!



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