Beauty- First Aid Beauty skin deep cleanser with red clay

Hey guys,
Today I'm going to review the First Aid Beauty skin deep cleanser with red clay. 

Before we start, I have really dry skin.
The cleanser is definitely NOT meant for dry skin. It is really drying, but would be amazing for oily skin. It really helped with blackheads and for acne. The texture is really weird. First of all its red! How cool is that?! Anyways its a little sticky which normally isn't great for a cleanser, but I think it really works with this one. If I had oily skin, I would have loved this product! It does an amazing job at removing blackheads, and surface oils. If you have even slightly dry skin STAY AWAY!
If you use this product, and have oily skin definitely don’t skip on the moisturizer, it will help stop even more oil production. BTW i gave this to my sister, who has oily skin, and she's obsessed with it! She says that it cleanses her skin super well, but it isn't super drying! My sis recommends not using his everyday but it's great for every other day.
Overall, I recommend this cleanser to those who have oily, possibly acne prone skin.
I hope this review gives you an idea of whether or not this cleanser would fit your skin type.

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