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Finals are tough. And some of you guys may have finals coming up so I wanted to put together a list of my top studying tips. I know Shadow already posted something like this so I’m gonna try to make mine a little different. (BTWs the pic is from my 9th grade bio notebook - I just found it and loved the way it looks!)

  • Color Code - My biggest tip is to color code your notes as you’re taking them. I know this may be a little late for those of you that have basically finished a semester so if you haven’t already I would take a hi-liter or colored pens and box/hi-lite important titles in one color, years in another, terms in a third, and important people in a different color. This will not only make your notes extra pretty, but it will also make you really read through your notes to find these things.
  • Take Breaks - Studies have shown that you’ll retain more info if you take breaks while you study. 25 minutes studying to 10 minutes break is what most studies say is the best. You’ll get super bored and distracted if you don’t take breaks.
  • Eat! - As most of us know eating is my favorite thing. I debated putting this one on this list because it’s a tricky one. When I say eat I mean eat something healthy before you start to study. But while you’re studying I don’t recommend snacking. It will get distracted and trust me you’ll end up eating all the junk in sight.
  • Rewrite - By rewriting notes or at least important facts you always forget they’ll stay in your mind better. Trust me this really helps.
  • Make a Quizlet - Making a quizlet of vocab and important terms or phrases or ideas is a great way to help study. They have a ton of different forms of ‘tests’ you can take with the vocab or you could just practice with the flashcards. Either way this is super helpful. It evens helps you study just by rewriting all the terms.
  • Plan Your Time - DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT CRAM. This is one of the worst things you can do and it won’t help you retain any of the info. Start planning your time in advance/ making a study schedule so you know exactly what to study and when to study it. This really helps if you have a ton of exams all around the same time.
  • Talk - I am a huge talker, I talk to anyone and everyone. Saying notes out loud can really help get them to stick in your head and will help you remember them. Just make sure others know what you’re doing so you don’t look like a psycho.
  • Don’t Stress -  This is the biggest piece of advice I can give you. Everything will be OK. I swear. Remember to schedule some time into your schedule when you are strictly not studying. Hit the gym (Although I used to listen to recordings of me saying notes on the treadmill), hang with friends, have a dance party, or take a bath. Anything to make you relax. Just don’t let yourself get carried away and never go back to studying.

These are my tips about how to study better. I hope these help. Comment down below any of your tips, we can all get smarter together! 



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