The Hunt Review

Today I have a review for you, but its not about makeup, its a website that I have fallen in love with.

**BE WARNED THIS SITE IS SO ADDICTING** I recently found this site when I was trying to find a specific shirt I saw on Pinterest. Basically The Hunt is a site where users can post pictures of things they want found and then other users can follow your posts so that you’ll be alerted when the item is found or actually help other people find what they need. The way it works is someone, for the sake of this post we’ll call her Shadow, will post a picture of the item and any details they specifically want such as price limit or shipping requirements. Then if another person, Gloss, is looking through the feed and she realizes that she has the exact dress that Shadow posted, she can click Go Find It. This lets Gloss go from The Hunt to any website that she wants, from there all she has to do is find the item and once she clicks found she has to select the right picture of it and then its done. Gloss just found Shadow’s dress. Now if Gloss didn’t already have this dress but she loves it, she can follow the hunt which allows her to alerted when someone finds it. Another cool thing is that the feed is continuous allowing you to see everything! What makes this site even better is that they have an app for on the go!

I am in absolute love with this website. It has helped me find so many things that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to find. I highly recommend that you all go check this out and start finding other peoples things, because honestly its just like really rewarding. I know that sounds weird but it truly is.




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