6 Statement Pieces you Need in Your Closet Right Now

So IDK about you, but every so often my wardrobe needs a pick me up. And what better way to do that than by adding statement pieces! So here’s my list of 6 statement pieces you need in your closet to spice up your outfits! (Also ignore all the pink and the fact that the bow looks like a bowtie lol)

  • A Statement Necklace - Ok so this one may be a little obvious but honestly a statement can completely transform your outfit. I also like this idea because you can wear a statement necklace with a ton of different outfits. I like it with some skinnies and a white v-neck but if you want to dress it up pair it with a miniskirt and a tight black shirt.
  • A Bright Blazer - I am in love with wearing blazers right now and I think it makes them like 10 times more fun if they’re in a statement color. I’m loving coral blazers but teal and mint also look gorgeous, and Kimmy from that new netflix show rocks here yellow blazer. Anyways this is a great way to make a more professional statement and can be paired with basically any bottoms!
  • Bright Shoes - I am such a fan of the bright pump trends right now. I personally love the way bright pink heels look with a black dress but I think any other bright colors or even a print also look fantastic. I also think that bright converse look amazing as a more casual look. Anyways I think bright shoes are a great way to make a statement.
  • Patterned Leggings - Although I personally don’t usually wear patterned leggings I think they make such a statement. I personally love the way floral print look but I think leopard prints also make a statement. And I know this isn’t actually patterned but bright colored leggings/jeans also look amazing (and are a little more wearable).
  • A Bright Bow - I love wearing bows in my hair! I think wearing one big bow can look super fun and girly and it def makes a statement. I also think that wearing a small bow with a braid or a big bow underneath a topknot can make a huge statement that no one’s expecting.
  • A Clear Bag - I hate to say it, the clear bag trend is making a comeback (if it was ever in, in the first place,).  I think that worn correctly this is such a cute and trendy way to make a statement. I think a clear boxy clutch is a super unexpected thing that when people see it they’ll be like “wow, that’s so cool”. LOL. But honestly, this is such an unexpected way to make a huge statement.

Ok so these are what I consider the top 6 statement pieces you need in your closet and your life. These are simple ways to give your outfit an unexpected twist that will def make a statement. Comment below your must have statement pieces or if you try any of these, tag us in a pic of your OOTD. 



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