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Hey guys!
Welcome to the last post of lip month!
Today’s review is going to be on the Sarah Happ lip slip and the lip scrub in sparkling peach.
I got this set a couple months ago, around Valentines day from Nordstrom for $40.

I’m going to start by reviewing the lip slip. You can buy this at Nordstrom for $24 and it comes with .5 OZ. The product comes in a pot, so i recommend using your fingers to get the product out. The top layer of this is kinda hard to use. Its stiff, so you need to break through the first layer. After the first layer the texture is like vaseline, but thicker. This is an incredible night time lip balm, and in my opinion it is so much better the the Bite Beauty Agave lip mask! I put this on at night, and i still feel hydration in the morning, which is really good. The balm has a pinkish color with some sparkle. When on your lips, you can’t see the pink color, but you can definitely see some sparkles on your lips. I only ever use this at night, so its not a big deal for me.
The lip scrub is absolutely amazing! First of all it smells soo good! It truly smells like sparkling peach, which I really like because they have many different flavors or scents, whatever you want to call it. The scrub is abrasive but doesn’t aggravate your lips. After using this, there is a layer of hydration left on your lips. I really like this, and even though its expensive, I think its totally worth the investment!

Overall I loveee both of these products and after finishing both, I will definitely be repurchasing!

I hope you guys check out these products because they are really really good!


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