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Hey guys!

So I know I’ve been saying I would post this for a while now but I kept forgetting and you know it’s just so much work to pick up my bag and actually look through it. Anyways, I’m currently using the Kate Spade Cedar Street Harmony. This is a huge tote bag that I absolutely love. I love to use this bag when I have a super busy day and am literally running from place to place. This is also great if I’m staying at someone’s house because it’s a chic way to carry PJ’s back and forth. Anyways I literally just started pulling things about typing them up so this is honestly what’s in my bag right now.

  • Lily Pulitzer Planner - I love that this bag is big enough to carry this huge planner because I use it all the time and honestly write everything down in here.
  • Pencil Case - I use a makeup bag with pencils and pens as a pencil case because I really like to color code my planner and anytime I’m in a meeting I like to write stuff down in different colors.
  • Makeup Bag - I keep a small makeup bag in my bigger bag so I can do touchups throughout the day. I usually keep a concealer, a mascara, and an eyeliner in it but I also take some other random products that I was using that day.
  • Snacks - I love to eat, so snacks are always a must for me. I pulled out a goldfish packet, a granola bars, and a container where I had apple slices in it that I forgot to take out.
  • Headphones - I like to listen music or watch netflix when I have a chance or if I’m waiting for someone.
  • White Infinity Scarf - My bag is big enough that I’m able to keep a pretty generic white infinity scarf in it during the winter that I can just throw on when I’m cold.
  • Wallet - I don’t really think this needs an explanation.

Ok so this is what’s in my bag! I sometimes have like other random things (read candy or deodorant) but this is what I usually carry in my bag. Comment below what you keep in your bag or tag us in a pic of the inside of your bag!



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