How to Start Running

Running isn’t for everyone. And trust me I know this from experience. I was never a good runner, until I really started trying (not saying I’m a good runner now or anything lol). Basically what I’m trying to say is that running takes practice and to most people it’s not something that comes naturally. Maybe it was your news years res or maybe you just want to do it to say you can but whatever it is I think it’s a great idea to start running. However, it wont be easy (unless you’re like amazing). This post is going to try to help make the transition to ‘runner’ as easy as possible.

  • Find the right roads - Before you start walking/running find the right roads. Maybe it ends up being on the treadmill and maybe it ends up being on some random path in the woods but find something that works for you. Also get to know your path. Know where the hills are or where the path may get a little uneven.
  • Get the right shoes - Even though you’re starting and this may not be a passion yet, I recommend getting some actual running shoes ( read: not converse).
  • Start walking - This may sound crazy because I know you want to run but you’ve got to start off just by walking. Getting into a regular habit of walking is a great way to get your heart rate up and will help you start to get into the habit of running.
  • Add to your walk - Now that we’ve established that you’re already walking, add short bits of a run to the walks that you’re currently doing. This will make it feel like less work because you’re already in the habit of walking.
  • 4 + 1 - I’ve read that for every 5 minutes, spend 4 walking and 1 running. Gradually you’ll want to increase the running time.
  • Don’t be afraid to take breaks - Look you’re just starting to run you can’t be ashamed to take a walk break or a sip of water. Once you get a little more experienced you’ll want to see if you know when you need to stop before you actually need to, you’ll be able to avoid getting injured this way.
  • Don’t run too far too fast - When you’re just beginning it’ll be tempting but thats the easiest way to get injured.
  • Try different runs - Sometimes try going a little further at a slower pace. Other times try a shorter distance but at a higher pace. Other times try running up and down some hills.

Ok so these are my tip for starting to run. Remember that it will get easier and I swear you will be able to be able to do it. Comment below your experience when you started to run and also comment some inspiration for other people trying to start to run.



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