How to Wear Matching Separates

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So a trend that has recently been on the runways a lot is matching separates. But it can be scary to even think about trying to wear them yourself. This post is dedicated to helping you learn the do’s and don’ts of wearing matching separates, how to style them, and how to be confident wearing them.

My first tip is to use neutrals to create balance. Since many separates come in bright colors or loud patterns it’s important to use neutrals to stop your look from going overboard. You can do this simply by using a neutral bag, wearing neutral shoes, or adding very subtle, delicate, jewelry.

My second tip is to know what patterns suit you best. You never want to end up wearing a pattern that doesn’t suit you, much less one on your entire body. Knowing if polka dots make you look frumpy or anything with yellow washes you out can really help when deciding what separates to get. Generally, horizontal stripes can make you appear wider and vertical stripes can make you appear taller.

My third tip is when you’re buying your separates know what you want. By this I mean when you’re going shopping know if you want separates with a jacket, or a crop top. If you want long pants, or a pencil skirt, or shorts. Knowing this in advance can help you choose quickly when you’re shopping.

My final tip is to just wear it and smile. If you smile you’ll instantly be more confident and trust me no one will even give you a second look, in a bad way I mean, you’ll totally get a ton of compliments.

Here are some matching separates that you can try!

Comment below if you would ever think about wearing matching separates. And if you're already loving the trend, comment below any tips you have for others!



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