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Welcome to another lip treatment review! Today's post is going to be on 2 Bite beauty products. These come in a set called the 5 Night Fix for Lips. This kit comes with .18 OZ of the Agave Lip Mask and .041 OZ of the Scrub Stick in Whipped Cherry. A little background on Bite Beauty. They are an all natural brand that believes what you put on your lips should be safe enough to eat. All of their products are made with food grade ingredients with no preservatives.
The first thing I want to say is that these products are tiny! But, it does say it is a 5 night lip fix.
Starting with the Scrub Stick. I actually really like this! It smells incredible. And does a pretty good job exfoliating. I don't use this when my lips need a super deep exfoliation, but It is good for daily use. This is a super hydrating exfoliator, and is an all in one product, because if you only have this its like applying a lip balm while exfoliating. I think i got about 4 uses out of this product, which is a little disappointing. I am really confused, because you can't purchase this product separately. I looked on both sephora and bite beauty's website and could't find it! I can only find the one is the little pot, which I don't think I'm going to buy. Please comment below if you could find this and where you did!
The second product in this kit is the Agave Lip mask. I was soo excited to try this because I heard all the hype. I hate this. I know... Not what you expected, but it was truly not good. It was soo sticky, which I could completely overlook if it was hydrating, but it wasn't. It stayed sticky for 4 hours, and after it kinda just evaporated. I felt NO benefits on my lips. I don't think this is worth the full price of $27, and I'm so happy I just got the mini.

Overall, I think the kit isn't a bad purchase. If you have been wanting to try the lip mask, I recommend getting this, because even if its a mini, Its going to take you so long to go through the entire mask.

Hope this review helped some of you out!
Theres only one more post in lip month going up next week, so stay tuned to find out what it is!


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