Beauty- Lip month!

Hey guys! 

Welcome back to lip month, where every week I review a different lip treatment product and let you know if you should spend or save!

Today’s product is the fresh sugar lip treatment. 

This is super super expensive and I was really curious whether it was worth the money or not. It contains .15 oz and is $22.5. I got the original treatment, and it has SPF 15 which is a definite plus. Starting with the packaging. It is a metal looking plastic (i think!) and it screws on. I really like the screw on because it insures that it won’t open in your bag or something. Onto the product… the lip balm has no color whatsoever, and it smells like pure lemons!! When you apply the balm it goes on really really smoothly, and is super hydrating. For about 15 minutes after application, you can still smell the lemony scent, which for me is good, but if you don’t like the smell to begin with this would be a downside.
I have really chapped lips, and think this is a great daytime lip balm.
Now the big question…
Worth the money??
and surprisingly my answer is no. Even though the balm is good, its not life changing, and especially for also $23 it isn’t worth it if you go through like one every 3-4 weeks (depending on how often you apply). BUT! If you have extra money laying around, this would be a good balm to invest in. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it except for the price.
So for me and most others i would pass on this and get one from the drugstore (like the straight EOS those are really good), but if you have the extra money and are okay with spending that much for a lip balm then go for it!

I hope this helps some of you out!


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