2 Simple ways to jazz up your nails

I love painting my nails! Like a lot. But I will be the first to admit that doing fancy things on my nails are not my strong suit. I’m always super jealous of people who can do it. This post is 2 ways to jazz up your nails that doesn’t take a ton of skill.

  1. Just add a simple party nail. I know that party nails aren’t really so ‘in’ right now, but I beg to differ. I think they can look amazing and are so easy to do. I like to do a very sparkly color. But I also think that they would look very chic if you do a darker color or a very light color.
  2. Add rhinestones to your nails. I love using rhinestones to jazz up my nails. To apply these I recommend using either nail glue or just use a clear top coat color. I love to buy rhinestones here, but they also often have rhinestones or gems that you can use at michaels.

Ok so these are just two super simple ways to make your nails a little more fancy. I’ll post more of these when I come up with a few new ideas. Comment any of your ideas below for a chance to be featured in my next post like this.



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