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Hey guys!

Even if its only March, some schools are already starting to study for finals, regents, or whatever you're taking

Tip #1- Get a (healthy) snack. Nobody works on an empty stomach so a snack is important. I like to snack on pistachios, but other nuts are great too!

Tip #2- When taking notes, write in rainbow (different color pens), or in dark blue. Your brain tends to remember color more than plain black. Also alternating colors helps you pay attention in class, and not just write down whatever the teacher is saying or writing. I personally like to color code my work by definitions, examples…
Tip #3- Study alone, and preferably without a computer. Friends and the internet distract you from your task. If you are required to use a computer, download selfcontrol. Its an app that limits the websites you visit for the time you set. Even if you undownload the app, or turn off your computer, you will not be allowed to visit those sites.
Tip #4- Use flash cards- Yes, painful to make, but they help you focus on one topic at a time.
Tip #5- See your teachers- If you go out of your way to talk to a teacher, it gives them the impression that you care and you’re trying hard (which may not be true). Most teachers like to get to know their students, so this is really important.

I hope these tips were helpful. Leave your study tips down below, because I always love hearing new tips to do better!
Good luck on your exams, and GO STUDY!

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