Lifestyle- Plane essentials

Hey guys!
So unlike gloss, I love love love traveling! I love visiting new places. So I thought I would share my essentials.

Gum- I need gum whenever I am landing so my ears don’t pop.
A neck pillow- If I am not sitting at a window, this is a must!
Fuzzy socks- I get so cold on planes so fuzzy socks are so necessary.
Glam Glow hydrating face mask- planes are so drying for your skin, so this is a great (expensive) option because its clear. I recommend getting the small size, so it doesn’t dry out.
Intense moisturizer (for body) -I love the Vaseline intensive care moisturizer, and since it isn’t travel size, I put it into another container
I hope this helps you pack next time you’re going away!

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