3 Unconventional Dessert Ideas For A Party

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So it’s PARTY SEASON!  I love parties but more importantly I love desserts. And when we have parties, I love having unexpected desserts. This post is dedicated to 3 unconventional/unexpected desserts that taste amazing and look even better.

  • Have a Hot Chocolate Bar - I know this seems crazy but it’s a huge hit at parties so just roll with me for a minute. I like to get a big coffee dispenser and just put some hot chocolate in it. I set this on a table with a ton of other goodies. I usually put whipped cream (If you trust your guests not to make a huge mess), sprinkles, chocolate sauce, cinnamon, chocolate shavings, and some kind of biscuit to go with it. If you don’t trust your guests to not make a huge mess I would get some friends to stand behind the table to help out.
  • Have Guests Bring Their Own Desserts - While this may seem kind of like a cop out. I think this is a great way to really connect with guests and hey, it’s a lot less work for you. LOL. I recommend asking guests to bring 10-15 servings (depending on the amount of people) and then you get away with not baking any desserts but ending up trying a whole range of them.
  • Make a Whole Bunch of Tiny Desserts - I think that this is a super unique way to bring interesting desserts to the table. I love doing tiny pies, mini cupcakes, petit fours, mini cookies, and small brownies. This lets guests try some of everything and honestly they’re so fun and adorable.

These are just some of my ideas for unexpected desserts. I think they’re super fun to make and to eat. Comment below if you have any other party-favorite desserts and if you have ever tried these desserts.



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